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The Backwoods Craftsman

Woodcraft Artisan

About Us

Hi! Nice to meet you! We're Vince & Alana!

Photo by Anthony Fernando

Vince is the Craftsman of this operation, while I refer to myself as the sous-chef, assisting with the finishing of the products and the administrative "stuff."   

Vince has lived on the beautiful Bird River in Manitoba Canada for all of his adult life, and growing up it was his escape from the city with his family.    I joined Vince full time in this gorgeous part of the province a few years ago, myself growing up in a rural area only about 150 kilometers  away.  Vince has always been inspired by this land and has always had a love of working with wood.  He needed very little encouragement from me to cultivate and embrace his creativity.  

The result is "The Backwoods Craftsman!" Take a look at our portfolio, wood cutting boards are only a taste of what we create!!

Made in Canada


 We make hand-crafted wood products inspired  by nature.  

Where we live is our inspiration. The breathtaking vistas, the precious waterways, the impressive forests of the back-country, and the abundant wildlife of the area.  Let us inspire you with our portfolio of unique,  quality creations and projects ~ all hand crafted with love!


Our Product


From cutting bards to furniture and home decor items we use a variety of different wood species.     

The main medium for the cutting boards is Acacia wood, as well as some walnut, maple, and more.  Home decor items are usually birch and diamond willow, locally and consciously harvested in Manitoba, Canada. Vince ages and mills the wood for this himself from it's raw state and carefully chooses the pieces that are uniquely suited to each project. 

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